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Veils Sitemap

Veil Lengths

You can have a veil customized to any length, but many veils are described in reference to a where they fall on the body (shoulder, elbow, or fingertip for example). Where the veil actually falls will depend on your height and where you attach it.

To find out how long your veil should be, stand straight and have someone measure you from where you will attach it to where you want the longest tier to fall. This will give you an idea of the length of veil you are looking for.

Generally, the type of wedding and gown determine your choice of veil length, edging, and embellishments.

  • Veils range from the very short birdcage, which barely covers the face...
  • to the cathedral length, which trails four to five feet behind the bride.
  • You can wear most with or without a blusher...
  • attached with a variety of headpieces, and...
  • decorated with your choice of edgings or embellishments.

The shorter veils are typically between 18 and 50 inches long and fall somewhere from shoulder to fingertip. Longer veils are often tiered with a shorter layer so that the long layer can be removed after the ceremony.

These longer veils can range in length from the waltz veil (falling down the back to below the knee and above the floor) to the regal veil, trailing up to five or six feet behind the bride. Long, flowing veils are generally used in formal or semi-formal weddings and worn over long cathedral- or semi-cathedral-length gowns with trains.

Veil length terminology you may find while shopping are listed below.

Shoulder length

This veil is sometimes called a flyaway when there are multiple layers. It is commonly 20 inches long, but can range from 18 to 30 inches, depending on where you purchase it.

The shoulder veil works well when you want to show off the back of a gown. It creates a less formal look, so it is usually worn at informal and daytime weddings.

Elbow length

This veil generally ranges from 25 to 36 inches long and should end below a low backline but above the top of the skirt. The elbow length looks good with gowns with no train or those with a full skirt.

Fingertip or wrist length veils

These veils range in length from 36 to 50 inches and are versatile, as they can be worn with tea length and longer gowns. Generally:

  •  The fingertip should end between the middle knuckle and end of finger.
  • Wrist length veils are a bit shorter. 

Knee, waltz or ballet length veil

These veils fall somewhere between the knee and ankle, with knee length generally 45 inches. The waltz or ballet length is usually 54 to 60 inches long and should fall between the calf and ankle.

Chapel or floor length veil

This veil reaches the floor and may fall six inches or more past the train. It is usually tiered and ranges from 60 to 90 inches long.

It is considered a formal veil, appropriate for formal and semi-formal weddings.

Cathedral or royal veil

This is a dramatically formal veil, trailing up to two feet or more behind the bride. The length ranges from 96 to 132 inches or longer and looks stunning with a cathedral train gown.

Veil lengths explained--Birdcage veil 
Birdcage Veil
Shoulder Length "Flyaway" Veil
Veil lengths explained--elbow veil 
Elbow Length Veil
Veil lengths explained--fingertip or wrist veil 
Fingertip / Wrist Length Veil
Veil lengths explained--waltz / ballet / knee length 
Waltz / Ballet / Knee Length Veil
Veil lengths explained--chapel or floor length 
Chapel / Floor Length Veil
Veil lengths explained--cathedral veils 
Cathedral / Royal Veil
on a windy day 

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