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How to make a blusher-style birdcage veil
like the one Jessica Alba wears in
Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Tip: Buy tulle by the bolt or roll here.

1. Cut 36" of 9" French / Russian veiling (tulle with larger holes).

You can make a relatively full birdcage veil, with many gathers, from a yard of netting. Cut the netting shorter for a veil that lays closer to your head, with fewer gathers. If in doubt, cut the piece long at first. Then shorten it if you find that the veil is too full.

2. Sew clips at each end of the long side of veiling.

Sew the teeth toward what will be the top of the veil, so that the closed clips can secure it at the top or sides of your hair. When worn, the clip's metal bar should be facing outward (so the clip curves against your head when closed), but under the veiling.

3. Gather the cut sides of the veil and sew them to the clips.

Using a slip knot, attach thread at the end of the cut edge farthest from a clip. Weave the thread in and out of the diamond patterns along the cut edge, then thread it through the hole in the clip. In the photo at left, we've darkened the white thread to demonstrate.

Pull the thread tight so the entire cut edge is gathered against the clip. Secure to the underside of the clip (the non-bar side, which will be against your head) so the thread will be hidden when you are wearing the veil. You may want to tidy up by clipping off the frayed pieces of netting.

Repeat for the second clip.

4. Make the gathers.

Attach doubled or heavy button thread to the inside edge of a clip. Weave the thread in and out between the diamonds or holes in the netting. Do not secure the thread to the second clip yet. You will want to adjust the length of the thread so the veil looks perfect on you.

5. Experiment with different veil widths.

Looking in a mirror, adjust the thread length between clips.  When you are happy with your veil's width and fullness of the gathers, secure the thread by looping it through the inside holes of the clip and tying it off. Photo 5 shows a 36" piece of Russian netting gathered as shown in 4b. With 8" - 9" netting, you will need to attach the veil near the top of your head. If you position the veil as shown it will hit just below the nose. Attach it farther back for a shorter look.   Tip: Buy tulle by the bolt or roll here.


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