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How to Make a Wedding Veil

Five Steps to Making a Veil For the experienced seamstress--or even someone like me (who is missing the "craftiness" gene)--making your own wedding veil isn't really difficult and can be less expensive than buying one (unless you buy on eBay or at a discount or through a wholesaler, where a good selection of cheaply-priced veils is generally available).

Making your own wedding veil should be a "no rush" process. You will want plenty of time to design your perfect veil and find the right supplies to help you do so, then more time for experimentation and careful construction. The specifics will vary depending on how elaborate your veil is and whether you decorate a headpiece or purchase one ready-made, but in general you will follow the steps in this section when making your own veil.

This veil making section of includes both step-by-step instructions and detailed videos of every step as well as online resources for both veil making supplies and discount wedding veils. The video to your left is an overview of the five-step veil-making process.

Note: Are you still deciding whether to buy your veil or do it yourself? Click here for pros, cons, and other considerations.

Veil Styles

What you need to make a veil

Here is a list of the supplies you need to make a gathered veil with blusher and comb to attach the veil to your head.

Make Your Own Veil

Step 1: Measuring & cutting veil fabric

Explains how to figure out the amount of material you will need, make a pattern, and use it to cut the tulle (i.e. fabric) into an oval for the veil and a blusher. 

Creating a blusher

Step 2: Creating a blusher / face veil

About controlling the length and fullness of a blusher. Plus, see how your blusher will look by making temporary, "pseudo-gathers."


Step 3: Attaching veil decorations

Tips and techniques for gluing embellishments and trim onto your veil. Also, see examples of embellishments here.

Step 4: Making the veil's gathers

The gathers are what give your veil pouf and more folds. Learn a gathering technique here.

Veil Lengths

Step 5: Wrapping, attaching a comb

See how to wrap a bridal comb in tulle, then attach it to the veil with needle and thread.

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Wedding veils sitemap

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The Five Steps to Making a Veil

Step 1: Measuring and cutting the material as well as making a pattern.

Step 2: Creating the blusher. (Optional. Go to step 3 if you do not want a blusher.)

Step 3: Attaching beading, trim, edging, or other embellishments to your veil. Also, some examples and ideas for your veil's edges and decor are here.

Step 4: Making gathers with heavy duty thread and a craft needle.

Step 5: Wrapping and attaching the comb to your veil with a whipstitch.

Additionally, find a list and video of supplies you need here. Enjoy!


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