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Your wedding gown is decided upon and ordered. It is now time to think about your veil, that beautiful piece of fluff that will make you look ethereal as you glide down the aisle. As with every other aspect of your wedding, you have a great many options in terms of your veil.

There are many different veil styles, lengths, colors, shapes, fabrics, embellishments, and types of edging or trim to choose from. That may seem like a daunting list, but each decision will build on the one before it. Like selecting your wedding gown, taste and instinct will certainly play roles in your choices; but, the more information you have, the better those choices will be.

The veils section of is here to explain each aspect of your veil and give you resources for purchasing your veil or supplies (if you are making your own). If you are shopping for any part of your wedding and would like help finding products, I can search our merchants' inventories directly for ideas. Please contact me through social media or email.

Veil Styles

Veil styles

The style of your veil can be as unique as you.

Learn what makes birdcage, short blusher, tiered, and mantilla, and other veils distinctive.

Make Your Own Veil

Make your own wedding veil

Here we take you through the details of a 5-step veil making process, plus examples of beading and trim, do-it-yourself vs. buying and more.

Discounted Wedding Veils

Discount wedding veils

There are more inexpensive sources for veils than ever before. These start at around $10. You will be surprised what you can get.


Veil Colors

Here, the mystery of all those kind of whites, ivory, and other colors is "unveiled."

Also, shop for or purchase white, ivory, black / gothic, or blush veils.

Veil fabrics

To the uninitiated, veil material can be a mystery. Learn about (and shop for those made from typical material (tulle), organza, or chiffon.

Veil Lengths

Veil lengths

The length of your veil goes along way in creating your overall look. Learn about or buy: birdcage, shoulder, elbow, fingertip / wrist, waltz, chapel, and cathedral veils.

  Veils Sitemap

Veils sitemap

Find links to all pages in this veils section, on a single page.

Find supplies and shop wedding items from our hundreds of merchants:


Your veil and wedding gown create a cohesive look.

You really can't pick a veil you absolutely love without knowing what your wedding dress looks like. Here is the rule to remember: you donít want your veil and the dress to compete for attention. In other words, choose an elaborate veil or an elaborate gown, but not both. A simple, minimally trimmed veil with a detailed dress will put the spotlight where it belongsóon you and your gown. Conversely, a beaded, lace- or jewel-trimmed veil can be the star of the show over a sheath or other simply styled dress.

Here are six tips for making this rule come into play:

  1. Always allow your veil to show off your dressís details.
  2. For best effect, wear a veil that falls just above or below the dressís focal point or waistline.
  3. To emphasize lavish details on the back of a gown, choose a long, sheer veil.
  4. Make your veil as long as or shorter than your dress. Wear a very long veil only if your dress has a train.
  5. Choose a fingertip veil or elbow-length veil for a floor length gown.
  6. Short dresses look fabulous with a short, net (aka birdcage) veil or fascinator.

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